RYCO Racking Shelving

Bolted Steel Shelving

This type of shelving is one of the most common and basic forms of storage solutions for products that are not very large in size or weight. It utilizes slotted steel angles into which the shelves are bolted, thus creating a customized option per level of storage.

Mobile Shelving

Mobile Shelving is a similar concept and design to that of Mobile Racking. The shelving is built upon a mobile traction system whereby the shelves can be installed close together to maximize storage space and reduce excess aisle space. Should a shelf need to be accessed, the row of shelves can be manually or electronically moved via the traction system in order to create an aisle. This type of shelving is widely used for large quantities of document storage.

Industrial Shelving

Industrial shelving is very similar to Bolted shelving with the use of slotted steel angles. The only slight difference is that industrial shelving is made with a heavier grade of steel in order to withstand more weight and may be used in a warehouse environment for this reason.

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