RYCO Racking Flooring 3


RYCO have seen the need to expand our product base to offer an end to end solution for our customers.

We have notice that Vendor documents and the filling out of forms can be very time consuming. By offering our different solutions, we become a very versatile company offering main warehouse solutions that arise in the warehouse environment.

What we offer is an application of advanced synthetic resin systems for Industrymills, manufacturing plants, Retail, food and beverage, automotive, pharmaceutical, healthcare and municipalities, chemicals industry and the mining sector.

Effective protection against corrosion and wear starts with the correct selection of product deemed appropriate for the specific application. Performance, aesthetics, economical and

Environment criteria must all be considered.

The initial higher investment costs are quickly balanced out by a longer service life, diminished maintenance and lower operational costs. This is further augmented by a pleasant and safe working environment.


Epoxy flooring and coatings

Chemical & Abrasion resistant linings

Anti corrosion coatings

Polyurethane flooring and coatings

Epoxy and vinyl ester tank linings

Chemical resistant coatings