RYCO Racking Pallets Fallen 2

At RYCO we believe in going above and beyond our fellow competitors.
That is why we offer maintenance contract to keep your racking in good safe working order.

Nobody wants a collapse in their facility and the only way to prevent this is to have a maintenance contract in place. We offer quarterly, 6 months and once a year contracts.

A trained Ryco employee will come out to your site and asses all the racking.
Our RYCO employee will write a full report on the racking as well as submit full drawings of the facility marking the damaged areas.

Our report will follow SEMA guidelines. This is a European standard that we manufacture and install to.
The report will have the following color coded sections.


These are items which are severely damaged and well beyond the limitations of the SEMA code. In such circumstances, the racking should be immediately off-loaded and isolated from future use until repair work is carried out.



These items are damaged beyond the limitation of the SEMA code, but not sufficiently serious to warrant immediate off load of the rack. The rack should be off loaded as soon as possible, but within 1 week and should not be re-used until repair work is carried out.



These are items which are damaged but are still within the limitations of the SEMA code.

Such items would be recorded as being still suitable for use but be identified for future reference and monitoring.


A Serious Damage Report will be issued on the same day of the inspection and marked as RED RISK.


Ryco will try to repair all damages as best they can before offering to replace goods.

Some damages will be beyond repair and will need to be replaced.

A quote will then be send out marking each item and the items cost.


Safety Signage is crucial for all warehouses. Safety boards with the correct weights

And carrying capacity’s must be visible on all racking.